Photo Credit - Paul Petch - Outdoor Photography

As a professional runner i spend a lot of my life out in the elements. not only on the mountains trails...but also swimming in the sea and biking the roads. It is nice to be assured that when i get up in the morning and head out the door I can trust Aloe Up to look after my skin before, during and after a day of exposure to the water, sun, wind and pollutions.

My favourite product is the for face cream. The container is a perfect size for travel and it is nice and light. one pottle lasted me 8 weeks (and i am still going) in Nepal at high altitude and with harsh sun.

In all the products there are no parabens or any other nasty it does not sit on top of your skin and clog all the pores like other sun lotions do. It feels and smells delicious and for me is the perfect and easy solution to looking after my skin and health. 

- Anna Frost
New Zealand Athlete


January 31, 2014 by Aloe Up
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