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My name is Dylan Barnfield and my life has revolved around the ocean since I was born.  Both my parents surfed so it was only natural I head down the same path. Because I have quite fair skin it’s always been a love hate relationship with the sun for me and I have always had to lather up with a thick layer of sunblock.

When I was 16 I had a malignant melanoma removed from my back which gave me and the family quite a scare but luckily it was picked up early and the minor surgery was successful treatment. Now 8 years later with a Civil Engineering degree under my belt I am working as an Engineer in New Plymouth and have won several National Longboard Titles.

After 15 or so years of applying sunblock I can confidently say that Aloe up is hands down the best block I've ever used.

My favourite product is the Aloe Up Pro Ultra Sport SPF 50 Continuous Sunscreen Spray. It's so easy to apply and I never get burnt when wearing it, it seems to last forever. Being an Aloe Vera based product it also seems to help keep your skin hydrated and you don't have really dry skin after spending hours in the sea.

Look after your skin, Aloe Up rocks, try it out!


  - Dylan Barnfield

    New Zealand Longboard Champion


March 07, 2014 by Aloe Up
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