Alanna Matamaru Smith

Kia Orana! Alanna Matamaru Smith, based in the Cook Islands is all for water sports. From kitesurfing in Rarotonga's electric blue lagoons to snorkelling amongst some of Rarotonga's thriving coral bed ecosystems, the sea is where Alanna's heart will always be.

Alanna has represented the Cook Islands in beach volleyball and now focusing on netball to which Alanna still represents to this day. She was crowned Miss World Cook Islands 2017, and was able to use this international platform to highlight her work she has been doing in the Cook Islands on biodiversity conservation and environmental issues.

Because Alanna spends most of her time at sea she uses sunscreen religiously. Aloe Up is her go-to sunscreen because it feels so light on your skin. The environmentally safe ingredients used in Aloe Up makes it a no brainer as to what Alanna's first sunscreen choice is.

December 21, 2020 by Aloe Up