Aloe Up Sunscreen  NZ is a division of Hydro Surf, a retail and wholesale business that opened in the Iconic Hydro Building at Dunedin's St Clair Beach in 1985. 

Katherine Greer, Hydro Surf's managing director, took up surfing in her mid 20's but was unable to buy a sunscreen that didn't run off and sting her eyes and her young boys complained the same.   A little research found another small surf business in Byron Bay making highly water resistant sunscreens under license on behalf of  Aloe Up an innovative USA company. 

In 2011 Aloe Up was asked  to sponsor the Challenge Wanaka Iron Man with Pro Sport, a sunscreen developed to protect for hours under extreme conditions. The athletes, supporters and volunteers  loved it and "where do we buy this"? was the question from many. This website is in response to that call. Here you can find the retailer closest to you or buy online and find clear answers to frequently asked questions about sunscreens.

Aloe Up USA places a high focus on product development  and the best keeps getting even better. The  formulas are certified biodegradable and reef safe and include an elegant White Collection Range for women including Aloe Up for the Face Sunscreen, a every day moisturizers with a board spectrum spf 25.

Good health is dependent on what we put into our bodies not just through our mouth but through our skin and on regular exercise. Skin is the largest organ we have and it  needs to be protected from UV rays by using a good quality sunscreen, if we don't these ray irreversibly damage our skin resulting at best in blotches, sun spots, freckles, and premature aging and at worse skin cancers including the most deadly melanoma.

People in sport orientated businesses are passionate about their sport and about sun protection and it is with these retailers where we place Aloe Up for sale. All our retailers are listed on this website - I urge you to support them. If you can not find a retailer close to you and it is more convenient for you to buy on line 10% off the value of your sale goes directly to help our Pro Athlete Ambassadors.

Aloe Up is the official sunscreen for Challenge Wanaka Ironman and  NZ Ski.

Photo: James Rust surfing Nias