Reef Friendly Aloe Sunscreen and Skin Care

Aloe Up Sport Sunscreens and Kids Sunscreens are aloe vera based, non-greasy, fragrance free, water resistant and absorb quickly for a comfortable and light-weight feel. They are broad spectrum, certified biodegradable, ocean and reef safe sunscreens 

Aloe Up Lip Balms  offer a unique blend of natural moisturizing oils and antioxidants assuring your lips the essential moisture balance they deserve.  


Reef Friendly Aloe Sunscreen and Skin Care NZ

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Why You Should Wear Sunscreen In Winter

Once the temperature starts to drop and the days get shorter, you may feel as though there’s no need to apply sunscreen during the winter months. What if we told you that it’s more important to wear sunscreen when you’re outside in winter, even its overcast!

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Six Helpful Tips To Pick The Best Sunscreen For Your Face

Choosing the best sunscreen for your face can be a challenge. There are so many options with different benefits, claims and ingredients. Of course the benefits of using a face sunscreen daily are reducing the risk of skin cancer, early ageing, sunburn, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Almost as frightening is some products can cause acne or break-outs after use. We’ve made this list of six tips to help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of facial sunscreens.

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Our Biggest Weekend Ever!

This year we had two of our biggest events fall on the same weekend, Challenge Wanaka (multisport) and The Christchurch Super Slam (beach volleyball). It was a nervous week leading up to both events as a small COVID outbreak plunged the rest of the country into Alert Level 2 for three days and if extended, both events would have been cancelled. Luckily the team of five million once again pulled together, helping the Alert Level drop back down to Level 1 in the South Island and both events could go ahead.

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