Aloe Vera Skin Care and Sun Protection Products

A difference rooted in Nature. Aloe Up NZ offers the full Aloe Up range of skin care and sun protection products including superior certified biodegradable eco friendly sunscreens. Aloe Up suncreens are based with the natural moisturizers Aloe Vera and Cocoa Seed butter and infused with Antioxidants, Green Tea and Vitamin E.  Aloe Vera has the same PH as skin so Aloe Up sunscreens absorb quickly without clogging pores, are non greasy, highly water and sweat resistant, will not run into eyes and sting and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Aloe Up is the only sunscreen used by a number of top New Zealand Athletes including Pro Triathletes Dylan McNeice and Candice Hayes, Olympic swimmer Emma Robinson, and the Cook Islands Athlete of the year Serena Hunter. 

Aloe Up NZ official sunscreen for Challenge Wanaka, the PGA and NZSki.

10% of all Aloe Up sales on this website are allocated to our Pro Athletes.


Shop for our range of aloe vera based sunscreen, moisturizing lotion and lip balm.


Shop for our range of aloe vera based sunscreen, moisturizing lotion and lip balm.


Shop for our range of aloe vera based sunscreen, moisturizing lotion and lip balm.



Vaka Eiva 2017 Preview

Aloe Up will again be at Vaka Eiva this year, dispensing our reef friendly sunscreen to all 400 plus athletes all week long so they can focus solely on racing (or just having fun) without the worry about the potential harm to their skin.

Vaka Eiva is the Cook Islands world famous Oe Vaka/Outrigger Canoe Racing festival takes place every year in November. It was first held in 2004 & has grown to become a feature on the international canoe racing calendar, bringing paddlers from all corners of the globe to the tiny Cook Islands.

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Aloe Up, Adding Value In Your Sporting Community Through Sponsorship.

Dan Abel Swimming with Aloe Up

While we can all agree that Aloe up is the best Biodegradable & Reef Friendly sunscreen on the market, it’s also one of the best sunscreen brands at looking after adventure sports at a grass roots level.

Over the last few years we have been working hard to spread our brand message & values by supporting local sporting events & athletes. These events are not large scale glamour events full of sporting super stars but inclusive events that focus on participation as much as results. And the athletes they help out through sponsorship are not on multi-million dollar contracts, most of them have day jobs & take part in their chosen sport because it’s their passion.

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Biodegradable + Reef Friendly Sunscreens

The best defence to UV radiation after clothing is sunscreen. However Recent studies have shown that the organic and inorganic UV filters as well as other components of sunscreen reach the marine environment directly via water activities and indirectly from waste treatment plants. The toxicity of the UV fillers has been demonstrated in aquatic organisms. UV Fillers inhibit growth in plankton and bioaccumulate in the food chain (Sanchez-Quiles 2015)

Not all sunscreens are equal and fortunately there are brands that will safely protection your from UV radiation that do not contain the substances that are known to harm the marine environment

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