The O'Dea Beach Bros


Beach volleyball I think is one of the toughest sports when talking about sun protection, we play in some of the hottest most humid places on earth and for long periods of time over the hottest part of the day, when you take this into account plus the sand and sweating it makes for a tough job for any sports sunscreen. The Pro Ultra sport range from Aloe Up was the best we've used and held up great in the 40+ degree heat in our recent tournaments in China and Indonesia. The fact that they are 35% Aloe vera is a huge bonus also!

Sam & Ben first played together from 2009-12 with much success winning multiple New Zealand Titles and becoming the youngest team in history to be crowned Asian Tour Champions. After a brief hiatus, the O’Dea brothers have their sights set firmly on Gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and an Olympic berth in Tokyo 2020.

You can follow the beach bro's through their facebook page here

November 24, 2017 by Aloe Up

Maz Quinn

My favourite is the Pro SPF 50, its non greasy and it absorbs fast so you it does not run into your eyes after your first duck dive. Free of all nasty's and it's certified biodegradable and reef friendly. Peace of mind when in the ocean."

Maz Quinn is one of the most well-known surfers in New Zealand. Maz has won four New Zealand surfing titles & is one of only a handful of Kiwi surfers to reach the WSL World Tour where he competed against the likes of Kelly Slater, Andy Irons & Mick Fanning. Maz has also raised funds for many local charities through his appearances on several New Zealand celebrity TV shows. You will most likely find Maz ripping up at his local beach in Wainui.    

November 21, 2017 by Aloe Up

Emma Robinson


 Swimming up to 20+ hours per week in an outdoor pool on the Gold Coast means I need to really take care of my skin and sun protection. Aloe Up allows my body to focus on recovery rather then healing sunburn. The Pro Ultra Sport range in non-greasy, 80 minutes water resistance, and free of oxybenzone, parabens, and alcohol. It contains 35% Aloe Vera which allows my skin to hold moister rather, then the chemicals from the pool removing it.

Emma Robinson has been in the New Zealand Swim Team for the last 4 years and has just recently come back from the Rio Olympic games where she placed 16th in the 800m freestyle. Emma trains in the Gold Coast and spends her days training, working, cooking and doing outdoor activities.

You can follow her story on Facebook or on Instagram @emmakrobinson.



October 18, 2016 by Aloe Up

Dan Abel

One of the best things about being an open water swimmer and swim coach is the sunshine, it’s also one of the worst! Endless sunshine, wind, water reflection and cloud reflection damages the skin, especially in New Zealand. Finding a sun screen that not only protects but is good for the skin and the environment has been a career long quest. I am comfortable to admit that surfers beat us too it; Aloe Up is quite simply the answer to all of my problems. It is the first sunscreen I actually enjoy putting on. I can feel the Aloe moisturizing and I am reassured that I’ll have lasting UV protection for the day that is not at the expense of my health nor the oceans. Nice job Aloe Up! See you in the water"

Dan is the owner and head coach for open water swim specialist swim company He is also a pioneer in New Zealand of open water sportive swimming under the brand RealSwim Adventures. Dan is a former New Zealand national pool swimming champion , an ex USA Collegiate swimmer and holds the 4th fastest time ever for swimming the Cook Strait in 6 hours 15 minutes.

These days Dan spends his time teaching adults how to swim and introducing them to the addictive fun that is open water swimming.                                           

Leroy Rust


                               Leroy surfing "Jaws" Maui Hawaii - 1st New Zealander to paddle surf it.

“Aloe Up… I’m stoked on the stuff. It’s seriously the only sunscreen I’ve found that lets me confidently do everything that I love without getting cooked by sun. Whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding or hunting and hiking, there’s always some nature in the activity that makes you out perform, wear out or rub off your sunscreen but not with Aloe Up. It doesn’t wash off in the water or bleed into your eyes; it absorbs straight in to your skin so you don’t sweat it out or rub it off; and it’s not greasy so you won’t end up looking like the abominable snowman when you try it out. The Spf30 and spf50 Sport Pro are practically bullet proof, I recommend them. One good application and you’re set for hours!”


“Just to a note, I’m 23 and like most Kiwi’s spend a lot of time outdoors. Already I have 4 friends who’ve run close calls with Melanoma, their luck was that they found it early enough to get treatment. I hate to think how many of my friends won’t be so lucky. It’s the top killing cancer in NZ for men and women ages 15 to 39, or 20 to 39, depending where you look. I’m doing my best not to become another number, and I’m trying to keep others from being one too. Look out for each other and remember - you're better safe than dead.”

February 09, 2015 by Katherine Greer


Jup is a long distance runner who has fund raised over $80,000 for NZ Stroke Foundation, Tsunami Support...  He is a member of the team to run across the US starting Jan 16th  at Huntington Beach California and finishing in Washington DC on June 3rd. 112 marathons in 140 days raising awareness and funds for the 100 Mile Club kids program.    


I’m out on the road running for hours during my events and doing other sports in my training and with my fear skin protecting it is important. Aloe Up is awesome, non greasy, absorbs fast and long lasting. One of the first things that is packed each time I travel.

Results to date:
2011- Run length of NZ 2937kms in 67 days
2012- Run the length of Japan 4259kms in 97 days
2012- 6th place La Ultra The High 222kms


Website –
Facebook – Jup Brown
Blog –

January 09, 2015 by Katherine Greer



Ina Nooroa: Kitesurfer, Fire Dancer, Business Owner
I discovered the sport of Kitesurfing in 2010 and have never looked back. I spend almost all day outdoors and on the water between teaching kitesurfing and my own personal riding time so it is important that I protect my skin. Aloe Up products absorb quickly and are easy to apply so I find them ideal for my line of work and sport. I will definitely suggest these products to my clients and customers.

Accomplishments to date:

2011: Manureva 3rd Place Local Division

2012: Manureva 1st Place Local Division, 3rd Place Overall

2013: Manureva 2nd Place Local Division

2012: Blackstar Beer Barter Winner of a Year Supply of Beer!


Aloe Up is available in the Cook Island from CITC Pharmacy, Avarua Shopping Centre, Rarotonga + 6829292


August 07, 2014 by Katherine Greer



Being an active sportsperson I spend a lot of time out in the elements here in Rarotonga, paddling in the ocean, as well as swimming, running, cycling, so it is important to have good sun protection.  I love the  Aloe Up products they are great not only for myself but for the whole family. 


Serena Hunter

Cook Islands #1 ranked female paddler (outrigger canoeing)

Former national triathlon representative

Two time Cook Islands sportswoman of the year

Mother of four

Aloe Up is available in the Cook Island from CITC Pharmacy, Avarua Shopping Centre, Rarotonga + 6829292


August 05, 2014 by Katherine Greer



                                                                                                                                          photographer:  CPL

My name is Dylan Barnfield and my life has revolved around the ocean since I was born.  Both my parents surfed so it was only natural I head down the same path. Because I have quite fair skin it’s always been a love hate relationship with the sun for me and I have always had to lather up with a thick layer of sunblock.

When I was 16 I had a malignant melanoma removed from my back which gave me and the family quite a scare but luckily it was picked up early and the minor surgery was successful treatment. Now 8 years later with a Civil Engineering degree under my belt I am working as an Engineer in New Plymouth and have won several National Longboard Titles.

After 15 or so years of applying sunblock I can confidently say that Aloe up is hands down the best block I've ever used.

My favourite product is the Aloe Up Pro Ultra Sport SPF 50 Continuous Sunscreen Spray. It's so easy to apply and I never get burnt when wearing it, it seems to last forever. Being an Aloe Vera based product it also seems to help keep your skin hydrated and you don't have really dry skin after spending hours in the sea.

Look after your skin, Aloe Up rocks, try it out!


  - Dylan Barnfield

    New Zealand Longboard Champion


March 07, 2014 by Aloe Up



I am really excited to be coming on board as an Aloe Up Ambassador.  With Iron distance triathlon training and racing I spend a lot of time outdoors so it is really important to be using the best products available to protect my skin.  I know that by using Aloe Up I am doing all that's possible to look after my skin for the future.
An extra advantage that I love with all their products is that they don't contain parabens or any other bad chemicals.  As well as being non-greasy and water resistant.  Perfect for an athletes life.
       -  Tamsyn Hayes
           NZ Pro Athlete 
March 03, 2014 by Aloe Up