Laura Siddall


Laura is one of the most prolific Iron distance athletes in the world, with podium finishes in over 25 of my last 30 starts, including 3-time Ironman Champion, 2018 ETU European Long Course Champion, and the fastest British woman in 2016 and 2017. A truly world class, highly driven Professional Triathlete.

She is also a great role model, especially for women in sport and business, an ambassador for the Women’s Sports Trust, and an avid supporter of the Challenged Athlete Foundation. Laura volunteers and fundraises, supporting and working with local communities and projects around the world where she trains and races.

"I chase summer... from the Southern Hemisphere spending summer in New Zealand, to the Northern Hemisphere summer, basing myself in Girona, Spain. As a Triathlete I'm outside for most of the time, be it swimming, biking or running, and it's awesome! It's great. But it also means I have to take really good of my skin and make sure I'm protecting it properly from the sun and weather elements. The first time I tried Aloe Up it just felt so different. It just felt really good. Really easy to apply, and had a really good feel to it. Not greasy at all, just well really nice! Not only did it feel it was protecting my skin from the sun, but just that it was keeping my skin moisturised and healthy at the same time. It's also fantastic that the product is environmentally friendly as well" - Laura Siddall

You can keep up with Sid via her website or instagram

December 31, 2020 by Aloe Up

Carl Read: Professional Ultra Runner

Carl Read is the flying mullet! A professional Ironman triathlete turned ultra-runner, Carl redefines what it means to challenge your limitations in pursuit of glory on the trail running circuit. A vocal mental health advocate and record holder in the 100 mile discipline, Carl has amassed a cult following throughout Australasia and the globe. Carl's pursuit of Tarawera Ultramarathon success is coupled with the recent addition of one-on-one coaching with runners of all ages, disciplines and experience.

"I spend a lot of time outdoors swimming, running and biking. I love that Aloe Up provides sun protection no matter what training I’m doing. It absorbs into my skin, is waterproof and sweatproof. There is nothing worse than sunscreen running in your eyes on a long bike ride or run. I also have several tattoos which require protection from the sun, Aloe Up is the best for protecting and maintaining them. There is only one sunscreen for me and that is Aloe Up." - Carl Read: Professional Ultra Runner.

You can learn more about Carl on his website here

December 30, 2020 by Aloe Up

Sam & Brad: Beach Volleyball Team

Sam and Brad are making their debut this summer on the New Zealand Beach Volleyball Tour where they’ll be battling it out on the sand for the chance to represent New Zealand at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. Sam was part of team NZ who took home a third place bronze medal at the last Commonwealth Games in 2018 on the Gold Coast.

"Beach volleyball I think is one of the toughest sports when talking about sun protection, we play in some of the hottest most humid places on earth and for long periods of time over the hottest part of the day, when you take this into account plus the sand and sweating it makes for a tough job for any sports sunscreen. The Sport range from Aloe Up was the best we've used and held up great in the 40+ degree heat all over the world. The fact that they are 35% Aloe Vera is a huge bonus!"Sam O’Dea

 You can follow Sam and Brad on their journey through Facebook or Instagram.

December 29, 2020 by Aloe Up

Dan Abel

Dan is the owner and head coach for open water swim specialist swim company He is also a pioneer in New Zealand of open water sportive swimming under the brand RealSwim Adventures. Dan is a former New Zealand national pool swimming champion, an ex USA Collegiate swimmer and holds the 4th fastest time ever for swimming the Cook Strait in 6 hours 15 minutes.

One of the best things about being an open water swimmer and swim coach is the sunshine, it’s also one of the worst! Endless sunshine, wind, water reflection and cloud reflection damages the skin, especially in New Zealand. Finding a sun screen that not only protects but is good for the skin and the environment has been a career long quest. I am comfortable to admit that surfers beat us too it; Aloe Up is quite simply the answer to all of my problems. It is the first sunscreen I actually enjoy putting on. I can feel the Aloe moisturizing and I am reassured that I’ll have lasting UV protection for the day that is not at the expense of my health nor the oceans. Nice job Aloe Up! See you in the water" Dan Abel

These days Dan spends his time teaching adults how to swim and introducing them to the addictive fun that is open water swimming. Check out his courses and get into swimming at:

Will Jackways

Will Jackways is a Kiwi snowboarding legend. From the early days of lapping the park and pipe, to backcountry booters, all the way to big mountain spines, Will has taken his snowboarding skills all around the world with a humble, positive attitude that Kiwis are renowned for. He and his wife Abby run Explore Wanaka, where they create inspiring adventures of a lifetime for their guests.      

I’ve been using Aloe Up products for the last 3 years in the Mountains an am really stoked on how well it works. Being a professional Snowboarder, I spend a lot of time working big days in the mountains. So to have good sunscreen protecting me is very important. Not only does Aloe Up have a huge range, the product is long lasting and is grease-free which I love. - Will Jackways

You can learn more about Will’s snowboarding life both Here and Here. Plus you can check out Explore Wanaka Here and let Will and Abby show you the best bits of their home town.

December 27, 2020 by Aloe Up

Serena Hunter

Serena Hunter has held many national titles & represented the Cook Islands for several different sports. Some of her achievements include: former national triathlon representative, first ranked female outrigger canoe paddler and two times Cook Islands sportswoman of the year. She lives an incredibly active live while looking after her family in the beautiful Cook Islands   

“Being an active sportsperson I spend a lot of time out in the elements here in Rarotonga, paddling in the ocean, as well as swimming, running, cycling, so it is important to have good sun protection. I love the Aloe Up products they are great not only for myself but for the whole family.”  Serena Hunter

December 26, 2020 by Katherine Greer

Jup Brown

Jup is a long distance runner, cyclist & traveller who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple charities over the last decade. He is passionate about using his skill set to help those in need, bring people together, all while seeking out an adventure.

“I’m out on the road running for hours during my events and doing other sports in my training and with my fear skin protecting it is important. Aloe Up is awesome, non-greasy, absorbs fast and long lasting. One of the first things that is packed each time I travel.”Jup Brown 

Follow Jup on his adventures through his website or Instagram.

December 24, 2020 by Katherine Greer

Leroy Rust

Leroy grew up in a surf shop and has already logged more hours in the ocean than the average surfer will in a lifetime. Leroy is a master at riding any kind of surfboard, picking up surf contest trophies and awards for both shortboard and longboard and big wave categories. He was the first New Zealander to paddle into a wave at Hawaii’s infamous big wave spot Jaws.

“Aloe Up, I’m stoked on the stuff! It’s seriously the only sunscreen I’ve found that lets me confidently do everything that I love without getting cooked by sun. Whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, hunting or hiking, there’s always some nature in the activity that makes you outperform, wear out or rub off your sunscreen but not with Aloe Up. It doesn’t wash off in the water or bleed into my eyes; it absorbs straight in to your skin so I don’t sweat it out or rub it off; and it’s not greasy so you won’t end up looking like the abominable snowman when you try it out. The Sport Range is practically bullet proof, I recommend them. One good application and you’re set for hours!”Leroy Rust

December 23, 2020 by Katherine Greer

Dylan McNeice

Dylan McNeice is a former international ironman and triathlete who over the course of his career managed eight international victories and 23 international podium finishes. At his peak Dylan won the Challenge Wanaka IronMan title three years in a row.  

"Aloe Up is now as much a part of my daily routine as swimming, biking and running are. Without it and the unique sport & skin friendly qualities that only Aloe Up offer I would really struggle to get out in the elements with the same confidence that I do now. If you see me out training or racing you will also see me wearing my Aloe Up!" - Dylan McNeice

December 22, 2020 by Aloe Up

Alanna Matamaru Smith

Kia Orana! Alanna Matamaru Smith, based in the Cook Islands is all for water sports. From kitesurfing in Rarotonga's electric blue lagoons to snorkelling amongst some of Rarotonga's thriving coral bed ecosystems, the sea is where Alanna's heart will always be.

Alanna has represented the Cook Islands in beach volleyball and now focusing on netball to which Alanna still represents to this day. She was crowned Miss World Cook Islands 2017, and was able to use this international platform to highlight her work she has been doing in the Cook Islands on biodiversity conservation and environmental issues.

Because Alanna spends most of her time at sea she uses sunscreen religiously. Aloe Up is her go-to sunscreen because it feels so light on your skin. The environmentally safe ingredients used in Aloe Up makes it a no brainer as to what Alanna's first sunscreen choice is.

December 21, 2020 by Aloe Up