Most people know a little bit about Aloe Vera Gel but not the whole story. We know it’s good for you, natural and helps with burns. How many times have you been at the beach and got a bad sunburn...then, someone finds an aloe vera leaf, breaks it open and rubs the gel on your burn. Feels better, right?

There is a lot more to the science of Aloe and why itworks. Aloe Vera Gel, when applied to your skin or ingested will stimulate your immune system into action. This helps your body naturally regenerate skin cells and is why aloe is a great moisturizer and burn relief product. Aloe also reduces swelling and stops itching. What most people don’t know is that Aloe is the same PH as your skin and is a great penetrator. With Aloe Up Suncare, we use a base of Aloe to carry the sunscreen down into your pores so it doesn’t sit on top of your skin and feel greasy or wash off easily. 

"The aloe you think of as a sunburn healer is an even better sunburn preventer."

Over the last 27 years, I have been asked the same question over and over. 
“Why does Aloe Up work so much better than the other brands?”

My answer is always the same-“It’s the Aloe Vera Gel.”

We grow our own aloe on 600 acres in Harlingen, Texas. The strain we grow is the Aloe Barbadensis Lenny Miller which is the best type for cosmetic and food grade uses. Most sunscreens and moisturizers are based with water or mineral oil and a manufacturer may put a drop or two of Aloe Vera in there for marketing purposes. A drop or two won’t do the trick. If you don’t put in at least 20% by volume of pure aloe vera gel, you will not get the true benefits of Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Up starts with the most effective aloe and uses at least 35% to 96.9% in each product we pro- duce. That is why we control the growing of our most important ingredient...Aloe Vera.

From the ground up, Aloe Up is grown and produced in the USA. Aloe up has spent years developing a superior line of aloe vera based sun and skin care products.  The entire Aloe Up line is manufactured within the following specification



100% PURE Organic Aloe Vera Gel or Aloe Vera Oil – 35% - 96% by volume


  •  Aloe is a natural moisturizer – moisturizers as it protects.
  •  Aloe nourishes, soothes and heals dry, chapped skin.
  •  Aloe Vera Gel when applied to the skin stimulates the immune system to protect cells in the deeper layers of the skin from damage from UVB radiation. This immune response also helps the body regenerate skin cells making Aloe a great moisturizer and burn relief.
  • Aloe is a penetrating agent and has the same PH as the skin. This allows Aloe-based Aloe Up sunscreens to quickly and effectively soak into skin. The skin absorbs Aloe Vera up to four times faster than water.
  •  Aloe is non-greasy – smooth to touch.

To achieve the full benefit of Aloe Vera a skin product must have at least 20% Aloe per Volume.  Aloe Up products contain more pure Aloe Vera Gel than other sunscreens on the market—ranging from a minimum of 35 percent by volume up to 99.6 percent by volume.  Most sunscreens are water or mineral oil based and it they contain Aloe it is just a few drops of Aloe Vera for marketing purposes.




Quick penetrating therefore a fast drying formula.


  • Light, non-greasy sunscreen – wearable on face without concern for clogging pores.
  • Clear application – does not leave residue on skin.
  • Non-sticky – clothing and sand do not adhere after application.


Uses a non-water soluble emulsifier.


When applied to the skin the formula emulsifies only one time.  If water or sweat come into contact with the area where sunscreen is applied, this non water soluble emulsifier will reactivate and the sunscreen will not come out of the skin and run into the eyes. Perfect sunscreen for kids or sport.




Products are designed within hypo allergenic standards.


Decreases likelihood of allergic response by minimizing amount of potentially irritating substances within product contents.

  • PABA Free (Para-amino benzoic acid)
  • Non-Comedogenic, will not clog pores
  • Alcohol free
  • Mineral oil-free
  • Paraben Free
  • No or refreshing low perfume

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Reduces skin damaging effects from the sun   

Broad spectrum sunscreen block out UVA and UVB

    • UVA = aging and cancer cell forming rays
    • UVB = burning rays