Melanoma Foundation of New Zealand The Melanoma Foundation of New Zealand is a registered charitable trust. Its website provides information for people affected with melanoma.

Information on preventing, detecting and treating melanoma.


Cancer Society The country’s largest source of information about cancer and its effects. This website provides information on types of cancer (including skin cancers), diagnosis, methods of treatment and advice on living with cancer. You can read information online or as free printed booklets or information sheets.


SunSmart Facts about skin cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, including information in the Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap campaign to reduce exposure to cancer causing ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

SunSmart promotes sun safety in New Zealand


Best Health The Ministry of Health has funded free access to this British Medical Journal website for people browsing the web from New Zealand. It provides information on different cancers and describes treatments that work or are likely to work, the harms and benefits, treatments that are unlikely to work or may be harmful and information on tests and operations.


Better Health Channel The Better Health Channel was established by the Victorian (Australia) State Government. It provides a wide range of health and medical information on conditions including cancer.





Sunbeds and solariums




Vitamin D