Aloe Up Aloe Kote SPF 25 Lip balm - 7.5ml Jar


Aloe Kote SPF 25 is great for dry or chapped lips, ears, and noses.  Aloe Kote is based with super moisturizer Aloe Oil to hydrate while it protects.  With SPF 25, Aloe Kote is great for outdoor athletes with a higher risk of sun exposure.  Aloe Kote has been one of Aloe Up's most popular products over the last 37 years. 

  • 35% Aloe Oil based by volume

  • Non-Greasy

  • Non-Waxy

  • Water Resistant (80 minutes)

  • UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection

  • Natural Moisturizers including Aloe Vera Oil

  • Paraben free, Alcohol free, Mineral Oil free, Fragrance Free

  • Non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores)

  • Hypoallergenic (won't make you break out)

Active Ingredients
Octinozate 7.4%, Oxybenzone 5.9%, Homosalate 14.5%

Inactive Ingredients:

Aloe Oil Extract, Ganex V-220, Ozokerite Wax #871, Protopet Alba USP