After Sun Mosituriser Pack


Our After Sun Moisiturer repair kit is like a first aid kit for your skin, always have it at the ready for you never know when you’ll need it! This pack has everything you need to provide skin with pain relief, and accelerate the healing process. The Sun Damage Repair Pack works just as well when applied to cuts’ scrapes, bug bites, coral burns, jellyfish stings, dry and damaged skin.

The Sun Damage Repair Pack includes the following:

1X Aloe Up Sunburn Relief Gel 118ml Tube

1X Aloe Up After Light Moisturiser 118ml Tube

1X Aloe Kote SPF25 Lip Balm 7.5ml Jar

1X Aloe Kote Plus Lip Balm 7.5ml Jar


You save 10% on these products when purchased together as a pack.