Leroy Rust


                               Leroy surfing "Jaws" Maui Hawaii - 1st New Zealander to paddle surf it.

“Aloe Up… I’m stoked on the stuff. It’s seriously the only sunscreen I’ve found that lets me confidently do everything that I love without getting cooked by sun. Whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding or hunting and hiking, there’s always some nature in the activity that makes you out perform, wear out or rub off your sunscreen but not with Aloe Up. It doesn’t wash off in the water or bleed into your eyes; it absorbs straight in to your skin so you don’t sweat it out or rub it off; and it’s not greasy so you won’t end up looking like the abominable snowman when you try it out. The Spf30 and spf50 Sport Pro are practically bullet proof, I recommend them. One good application and you’re set for hours!”


“Just to a note, I’m 23 and like most Kiwi’s spend a lot of time outdoors. Already I have 4 friends who’ve run close calls with Melanoma, their luck was that they found it early enough to get treatment. I hate to think how many of my friends won’t be so lucky. It’s the top killing cancer in NZ for men and women ages 15 to 39, or 20 to 39, depending where you look. I’m doing my best not to become another number, and I’m trying to keep others from being one too. Look out for each other and remember - you're better safe than dead.”

February 09, 2015 by Katherine Greer