Duncan Simpson, the CEO of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) of New Zealand has selected Aloe Up Sun and Skin Care as the official sunscreen of the PGA.

The PGA Mission is:
Enhance golf; by delivering best practice programmes and services that assist to educate and develop its members and make the game better for all. Putting it another way, helping more people play more golf, better.

NZ Golf Reports that 17 million rounds of golf are played annually in NZ.
482,000 adults over 18 years play golf each year in NZ.
Golf is the highest participation sport in NZ.
It is the number one sport for men and the number two sport for women.
There are 393 Golf Clubs in NZ  which is the second highest number of courses per capita in the world. 


Aloe Up Sun and Skin Care Products will be readily available to golfers at their local Golf Club or Golf Pro Shop

Duncan Simpson reports to PGA members:
Aloe Up is completely different to standard products, and I've personally found it very effective and easy to apply without the usual greasiness issues. This product was developed nearly 30 years ago in the USA, and has since built a reputation as the best sports sunscreen on the market. The four hour protection time makes it ideal for golf. The spray in particular is a great product“ no more greasy hands interfering with your grip!"

Aloe Up was Launched on 24th April to 40 Trainee Professionals at the Rotorua Golf Club on the first day of their study week and included discussions on the importance of sun protection in preventing skin cancers.

Dominic Saninsbury - the Education Manager for the PGA

All the trainees love the product and wore it all week. We had 2 speakers that had skins cancers cut out so the theme for the week was a clear message of prevention and look after yourself. Your product is amazing, I am a huge fan a true advocate, I will be promoting your product everywhere I play and with all the Professionals in New Zealand."

Aloe Up which is also the official sunscreen of the Professional Golf Association (PGA ) of America .

September 17, 2018 by Aloe Up
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