Quarantine Catch Up: Dylan McNeice

This week we’re checking with our Aloe Up Ambassador and 3X Challenge Wanaka winning IronMan Dylan McNeice. Here’s what he’s been up to during lockdown.

1: Where are you locked down and who are you with?
At home in Christchurch NZ. Lucky to live close (100m) to the beach and Burwood forest, so my ‘local’ area is great for training and staying clear of people.

2: What does an average day in lockdown look like for you?
I’ve actually been trying to use the time to give the body a little break, but also keep it moving at least once a day just to keep the blood flowing and get outside and some sunshine. Normally I’ll go for either a run or a mountain bike, and also throw in a little walk down the beach. Quite a bit of my time has been spent doing a bit of admin work for the newly formed PTO (Professional Triathletes Organisation), so it has been good to have something to keep me busy inside and that I am really passionate about. Also a little reading and of course Netflix etc.

3: How are you training/keeping fit while in lockdown?
As above, my focus is more about keeping healthy during the lockdown than keeping fit – I can definitely feel fitness leaving my body! But, that will come back once the lock down lifts and I can enjoy roaming the countryside a bit more again.

4: What advice do you have for others to stay physically/mentally fit during lockdown?
Don’t over complicate or think things. I don’t think people should think of it as an opportunity to add more to their life (i.e. rigorous exercise routines or things that might not be sustainable), it will only add complexity once normality resumes. Instead just do what you enjoy and make a plan to maintain that once the lockdown lifts.
I think taking the chance to also rest during the lock down is an opportunity we never really get, and most people (especially Triathletes/endurance athletes) never do it enough, or definitely not well enough!

April 21, 2020 by Aloe Up
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