Will Jackways

Will Jackways is a Kiwi snowboarding legend. From the early days of lapping the park and pipe, to backcountry booters, all the way to big mountain spines, Will has taken his snowboarding skills all around the world with a humble, positive attitude that Kiwis are renowned for. He and his wife Abby run Explore Wanaka, where they create inspiring adventures of a lifetime for their guests.      

I’ve been using Aloe Up products for the last 3 years in the Mountains an am really stoked on how well it works. Being a professional Snowboarder, I spend a lot of time working big days in the mountains. So to have good sunscreen protecting me is very important. Not only does Aloe Up have a huge range, the product is long lasting and is grease-free which I love. - Will Jackways

You can learn more about Will’s snowboarding life both Here and Here. Plus you can check out Explore Wanaka Here and let Will and Abby show you the best bits of their home town.

December 27, 2020 by Aloe Up
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