Real Swim Adventures Using Reef and Ocean Friendly Sunscreen In The Cook Islands

Our Aloe Up Ambassador Dan Abel is currently in the Cook Islands with his ocean swimming tour company Real Swim Adventures, showing a bunch of lucky punters the ropes. At this time of the year Dan easily has one of the best offices in the world, swimming in tropical lagoons and in the blue pacific waters off the coast of Aitutaki.

Dan’s Real Swim Adventures are not about breaking records or winning races, it’s all about getting out in the ocean and enjoying swimming, becoming confident swimming out in the deep ocean and working towards your own personal swimming goals. The group dynamic of the tour creates a great social environment with everyone encouraging each other along.

Dan not only teach open ocean swimming but helps to educate those taking part how to enjoy the ocean while reducing our impact on it. Sunscreen plays a big part of this especially in the Cook Islands. Many sunscreens contain nasty chemicals that are considered to be marine hazards, they can leach coral of nutrients, bleaching them white and can also harm the development of fish and other wild life. We’re so proud of Dan and his team, helping the planet by spreading the good word on Aloe Up reef and ocean friendly sunscreen. Thanks Dan!

To find out more about Dan, click here.

To learn more about Dan’s Real Swim Adventures and ocean swim training programs, click here.

October 16, 2019 by Aloe Up
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