Vaka Eiva 2017 Preview

Aloe Up will again be at Vaka Eiva this year, dispensing our reef friendly sunscreen to all 400 plus athletes all week long so they can focus solely on racing (or just having fun) without the worry about the potential harm to their skin.

Vaka Eiva is the Cook Islands world famous Oe Vaka/Outrigger Canoe Racing festival takes place every year in November. It was first held in 2004 & has grown to become a feature on the international canoe racing calendar, bringing paddlers from all corners of the globe to the tiny Cook Islands. Famous for its local hospitality, great paddling conditions & stunning scenery, the event has earned the reputation as the big week in a little paddling paradise. There are many different divisions
(men, women, junior, teams & individual) raced over different lengths but the most coveted trophies go to the winners of the 36km around Rarotonga race.

Vaka Eiva is about more than just canoe paddling. It's a great chance to bring members of the niche sport together with the local Cook Island community & culture. Non paddling events during the festival include Te Au O Tonga Turou & Akatapu Vaka (traditional welcome & canoe blessing), go local market day, paddle art exhibition & a 700m charity swim for Autism Cook Islands. This cultural inclusion also extends to local beliefs. No one is allowed to train or paddle on Sundays as Sundays are for resting & spending time with family. 

While many athletes at Vaka Eiva take their paddling seriously, others enjoy the social aspect & comradery that comes with being part of a team. Vaka Eiva have created a Lost Paddlers Club to help find a home for any individual paddlers without a team, giving them the chance to embrace the feeling that team sports create.

Vaka Eiva runs from November 24th to December 1st. Stay posted as we will be keeping you updated with how the event unfolds through facebook & here on our blog.

Learn more about Vaka Eiva here.

September 17, 2018 by Aloe Up
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